We Are Listening

You no longer have to sacrifice comfort or cosmetics. Spectrum Hearing Systems has now set an entirely new standard for hearing solutions. With the all new Belair, you will find the perfect combination of innovative technology and unparalleled design. We have created a better instrument that you can wear with confidence.

Distinctively Different

Its sleek, ergonomic design makes wearing the Belair barely noticeable. At a mere 1" tall, it fits snugly behind the ear for a comfortable fit. Soft, slim tubing that is virtually invisible connects to your ear with an open fit that makes hearing more natural than ever. Now, you can listen all day in both comfort and style.

Refreshingly Clear

The Belair includes an advanced adaptive feedback cancellation system, as well as speech enhancement and noise reduction technologies. The sophisticated microprocessor within the Belair continually analyzes sound waves entering your ear, and can differentiate which ones are needed to best enhance your speech understanding. By filtering and reducing distracting background noise and eliminating feedback, you will experience a more natural and clear sound.

Flexible Options

Everyone deserves the best. To ensure you experience remarkable hearing, the Belair can be customized for your particular hearing requirements. Various tubing lengths and depths are available to ensure a comfortable and secure fit all day long. A 12-band equalizer allows for precise frequency shaping and target matching. A multi-memory button allows you to select from up to four different listening programs. And, a multitude of colors are available to match your natural skin tone.

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